Variable Wishes

by Nocturnal Company

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released March 14, 2017

Gilead McGahee - guitar, vox
Jacob Barba - drums
Isaac Barba - keyboard
Sebastian Espeset - EBow guitar on track 3
recorded and mixed by Ryan Youngblood at YBP Recording Facility in Albuquerque, NM
mastered by Aaron Goforth
cover art by Eric Garduno & Gil
ⓒ Nocturnal Company 2016



all rights reserved


Nocturnal Company Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nocturnal Company is a solo music project based out of Albuquerque, NM.

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Track Name: GIVS
pitch black their eyes dont play
leave them where they stay
her skins so bright and pale
with heartache kept in jail
i need your perfect face
i dont deserve your space
but will you hold me tight

please keep me in your thoughts
and remind yourself to stop falling backwards
those evils hurt so much
believe you me they dont have to follow

you poor thing hold my hand
ill keep you safe from them
with touch so soft and sweet
and lips that strain to speak
im leaving but please dont cry
i dont deserve your time
but will you hold me tight

Track Name: 2 Strings In The Universe
says she need direction while reversing all the innocence
your heartbeat stops and coldly stares it needs respect to begin again
there are two strings in the universe they make a web but face each other first
im bleeding out in 3D and love the face that lives in the ceiling

give me something to believe in
love is one thing to believe in
ive been having trouble speaking
words that left me with no reason
and im having trouble dreaming
words written backwards with no meaning
just give me one thing to believe in

another plague to meet demands
reflect the sky and mirror all the plants
shell dance and make you pray to god
her thoughts are crude and mock the plane theyre on
guess just where the day goes
guess which way your blood flows knowingly
blood is running backwards
you are the lonely sum
until the ground starts burning up

and its just one thing to believe in honey
just give me one thing to believe in honey
Track Name: Variable Wishes
no one wants to go there
a dimly lit enclosure
you only see a silhouette
but still can feel a cold regret

theres nothing left to break the spell
a bomb inside a wishing well
but variable wishes
variable wishes

the feeling cant escape him
it lives inside where doubts can swim
a circle in a broken box
stupid thoughts and angel talk

and our love is gonna fade away soon
into the universe
into a bottomless sea
i never wanna face my fears but
ill keep a diary
because i want you to see
so that youll know what i mean

theres no light over there

no ones ever been there
id like to take some friends there
a serpent goes and cuts the sky
beneath a dying star
Track Name: Artisan Wasteland
the sun is up
my head is going down
from an artisan wasteland
after bleeding the town

ollie said hes out
and im taking up time
if id been honest and thoughtful
i wouldnt have arrived

its got your name
its got your address and your number too
might have to lay low
might need an angel just to pull you through
im scared again man

the son awaiting
another way
from an artisan wasteland
seems to catch in the sway

but man i really gotta know
is it giving up
or going with the flow
deep down i know theres a reason
that im feeling this pull

ive got fears again
what happened to my confidence again man
Track Name: Weak & Dazed
if time is everlasting
you could swim into the broke ocean floor
and end up somewhere unknown
but what else can we say
ive never seen the future
but ill bet it tries to stay in the dark
just waiting to make its mark

oh oh oh oh
always feeling weak & dazed
and oh oh oh
god only knows wont pay
oh oh oh oh
hard to feel another way

ill try to make it better
its a wave that never splits in the tide
its living somewhere inside
but what else can i say
if time is only fading
you would sink under the moments between
and end up somewhere unseen

throw some chains away
ill try to make it home
and stand up on my own two plastic legs
stare into the eyes
the windows to inside
what makes us feel alive
im gonna make it home

but no one gets used to something new without some time
Track Name: My Friend Made A Machine
faces in the sun calling your name
calling your name
the skys breath
it moves through your veins

honest and thoughtful and shining so true
theyre sending for you
so absent
a wandering fool

my friend made a machine that read peoples thoughts
one day it got dropped
it was used to
abuse and chaos

im looking for a light
its not over there
eyes in the chair
are watching nothing
Track Name: Never Ever Go There
its not that i mind spending time on something new
its just that i feel a darkness that was never true
my mind stays a pool confusion swims inside its walls
id like to realize authenticity when plastic calls

core stays broken as the sun goes down
and all those lovers they just really
wanna know who goes there and whose coming back

my wrist look like its gonna part in waves
but lady talks to me and says
never ever go there or youre not coming back

its call is so clear because its what weve come to expect
im missing my dear i think its time to get the check
im losing my touch is what my head tells me to say
it is such a chore to pretend it doesnt hold a sway
Track Name: Vanishing Ink
the mind was talking on its own
it said i dont have a place to call home
and i really dont want to be alone

it likes to torment its chooser
it says all i really need is the future
and then everything will be as it should be

jaded eyes
with light that losing its color
and sound thats drowning its brother
poor silence couldnt speak for another

moments lost
they seem to fade in the rear view
but never really leave from near you
is it tangible to get them to steer you

the storm dissipated in skyline
with doubts and fears dissolving in sunshine
old judgements couldnt hinder the new mind

it was falling awake